Article Marketing As an SEO Strategy

Using an article marketing site such as Ezine Articles is becoming ever more popular with SEO companies and users looking to promote their own website. Using such promotional mediums is normally free because the marketing sites make their money from adsense meaning its top priority for a lot of people in today’s economic climate.

There are a lot of article marketing websites out there, most of which have a lot of power in the search engines with high PR’s meaning a back link from their site can be very useful useful in terms of SEO. Also because of their power it can mean that if the article is optimised correctly you can gain a top ten Google position under your chosen key term so its not only acting as a quality inbound link to your site but is also drawing traffic through its ranking positions.

The best performing articles are written in small paragraphs (3 to 4 lines in one paragraph) and tend to gain a higher click through rate (CTR) than articles written in big paragraphs. It’s probably due to the fact that small paragraphs increase the readability and scanning power therefore bring more traffic to your website. Try to include useful information in your articles as this will increase the probability of people linking to your article from their blog which will only increase its power.

Article marketing is undeniably a great way of gaining quality back links to your website, and if you create a few unique well written articles each week you will find over a few months that you traffic and web ranking steadily improves. Although using video marketing from sites such as you tube can achieve top positions quicker than that of articles its top ranking life is normally short lived. A good article tends to maintain its positions for a lot longer making it in my option the better option.

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