Google Penalty Makes for a Stronger Site

A recent post I found useful suggests that there is a strong possibility that a Google penalty can actually make your site stronger than ever before. Think about it, you must be doing something wrong on your website to receive a penalty in the first place. So, by cleaning up your act/website and making some much-needed alterations to your site as well as the way you do things you’ll be well on your way to a better, if not stronger, website. Continue reading

How to Get More Clicks from the Search Engines

Ever wondered how you can get more clicks from the search engines? You may rank well – above your competition, even – yet you still expect more clicks to your website? There’s one small trick you can do to get people to click on your site rather than anyone else’s… and it’s really simple! Continue reading

New SEO Insider Website a Success!

The new SEO Insider revamped website is proving to be a great success. Our SEO quotation system is getting at least 5 enquiries a day and our “ask an expert” panel is very busy. The success of the revised SEO Insider site has prompted the owners of Tiercom ( to start revising other sites including:

Top Local Listings ( – A popular localised business directory
Web Listings ( – A small but highly rated business directory
Business Directory UK – ( – A popular UK business directory
Gay Arrangement – ( – The first gay sugardaddy dating website

Tips for Optimising Your Product Pages

Many of the benefits of optimising your individual product pages are too often overlooked, with many sites simply offering very basic product details, photos and a brief description.  So how can you make the most of them from a search marketing perspective? Well, here are a few suggestions… Continue reading

Google To Make Site Load Times A Ranking Factor

Google has recently revealed that at the beginning of next year they may be launching a new algorithm that will see the load time of a website become a ranking factor. Meaning a controversial move that would see pride of place being given to websites hosted on faster servers. Continue reading

Keyword Research Tools – What Do You Use?

Keyword research is one of the first steps most people take when optimising a website in any niche. This research allows you to find out keywords that people search for that relate to the site you want to promote.

Using various tools can help you find more keywords to target. You can often find some great little gems that you wouldn’t usually think of that really are worth adding to your campaign. But with so many out there that all claim to have the most accurate information it’s difficult to finally settle on a list of keywords to use for your SEO campaign. So how can you be sure you’re targeting the right keywords? Continue reading

SEO Optimising WordPress Blogs & Websites

We all now know that WordPress is a very popular (and powerful) blogging platform that has a whole arsenal of features that can be tweaked and extended through their. Not to mention the fact that WordPress is open-source and can be tweaked to work in almost any way you want with the combination of coding tweaks and their many thousands of plugins.

So with such a flexible and powerful platform (one that doesn’t even need to be used for a blog!) it makes sense to make the most of it’s usefulness and ease of use as a business tool and take advantage of every opportunity to optimise your WordPress blog for the search engines. Continue reading

Creating a Solid Website Foundation Ready for SEO

Occasionally you come across a site that quite simply needs to be demolished before even thinking about the SEO. The likelihood of them getting anywhere within the search engines is next to nil. These types of sites need building with SEO in mind from the ground up and can be an expensive and time consuming process that delays the actual SEO.

Luckily, such sites are few and far between. So, to help with building better websites that are much more search engine friendly (whether you use an SEO or not) we’ve devised a quick list of some points you should bear in mind when designing and developing your site: Continue reading