Tips for Optimising Anchor Text Links

When optimising a website around a set list of keywords it’s easy to over-use the terms you’re focusing on, particularly if you’re new to SEO. The menu items become keyword focused, the footer links and in-content links become keyword focused and it can easily start to look a little obvious to the search engines what you are trying to do and can easily work against you over time. Not to mention the fact that this kind of over-optimisation can start to affect how the users navigate the site. So, what’s a better way to do it? Continue reading

Flash Websites To Become More Search Engine Friendly

For as far back as we can remember the use of a flash website might be pleasing to the eye but it can have a great detrimental effect in gaining top positions within the search engines due to the fact that most of your website will be unreadable by the search engine spiders and therefore deemed to supply unworthy information. There have been many rumours around recently to say that Google is providing ways of making flash website more search engine friendly, but is this really the case? Continue reading

How To Improve Bounce Rates To Increase Sales Online

You can rank at number 1 for your main key term and out rank all of your main competitors but still not receive any where near the amount of sales they do. The main issue for this is a high bounce rate.

The bounce rate is measured by the rate at which people click on and click off of your website – if you have a high bounce rate it means people are spending very little time on your website and aren’t navigating through your site as intended. Continue reading

How To Avoid Spamming Search Engines

Many of the search engines, including Google and Yahoo are continually increasing their sophistication on methods for detecting sites that try to spam the search engines to gain top positions. There is no definite outline as to what the search engines class as spam and their algorithms are constantly changing so it can be hard to pin point however the following techniques are renowned for getting on the bad side of most search engines and generally results in the perpetrating website being penalised or even banned from the search results. Continue reading

Top 5 SEO Changes

As a leading SEO company review site we felt, with the launch of our new blog, that we should help in educating potential SEO clients in some of the most important and effective aspects of SEO. So, should you decide to sign up with an SEO company, you’ll know some of the key areas that you’d expect to be addressed on your website. Continue reading

Target Longer Keyword Phases – As Long as They Are Relevant

When researching keywords it’s quite easy to fall into the trap of finding high traffic keywords. For a new website this isn’t always feasible and is unlikely to give you the result you are after quickly.

When researching keywords for a particular niche long-tail keywords (keywords of 4 of more words in total) generally have a lower search volume and can easily be skipped when collating your list of potential terms, particularly by those less familiar with the ins and outs of SEO. Continue reading