Flash Websites To Become More Search Engine Friendly

For as far back as we can remember the use of a flash website might be pleasing to the eye but it can have a great detrimental effect in gaining top positions within the search engines due to the fact that most of your website will be unreadable by the search engine spiders and therefore deemed to supply unworthy information. There have been many rumours around recently to say that Google is providing ways of making flash website more search engine friendly, but is this really the case? Continue reading

Web Hosts Can Help Users Achieve Richer Sites with Google

You may remember recently reports of the launch of Google Services for Websites earlier this year. For those of you that didn’t know about this, Google Services for Websites was created and designed to help web hosters and access providers to easily offer powerful tools to their customers or webmasters to help enhance their websites and improve them.

The tools included around the time of the launch included Webmaster Tools, AdSense and Custom Search, aimed at helping website owners understand website and search performance, monetize their websites and improve the user experience. Going in the same vein, Google has recently rolled out more new tools to the program for all to take advantage of. Continue reading

Google Can (and Will) Predict the Future

We all know by now that Google is all about innovations. Well, they continue with the latest news that the search giant is set to predict the future of search trends. That’s to say that Google already know what we’ll be searching for in a year from now. They aren’t able to predict everything but for the more general search queries Google is remaining very confident. Continue reading

Google AdSense See’s New Fonts… Again

The Standard AdSense font family was introduced to Google AdSense back in February. Now Google AdSense is updating font styles for its ad units once again. Reportedly, AdSense has changed the default font used in the different ad units on the basis of which ad font performs best in a particular ad unit. Continue reading

Say Hello to the New Google. Meet ‘Caffeine’

As we see both Microsoft and Yahoo! finding their feet with their new search deal it seems that Google has been hatching it’s own plan. They have secretively been working on a new architecture for their search, know as the ‘Caffeine’ update.

Currently the new architecture is only really seen by ‘power users’ and web developers, which would make sense if it’s purely technical changes they’ve been making, but will anyone else see a difference? And is this just covering up other big changes or just causing a distraction? Well, Google have released the architecture for previewing and testing by developers and power Googlers and can take the new caffeinated search for a ride at http://www2.sandbox.google.com/. But what changes have really been made? Continue reading

Google Vs Facebook – The Battle For Internet Domination

With the continued growth of Facebook it has originally been considered by Google to acquire the fast growing social networking site. Internet users behave differently on Facebook than any other online site, users display their real names, use their real email addresses, contact their real friends and share their real thoughts, news and other personal information making it more than just a popular social network but instead a huge source of personal data, something that Google have a real lack of as they have a relatively small amount of data about its users other than their browsing activity and search queries. Continue reading

Is the Microsoft and Yahoo Merger a Threat to Google?

It is by now nothing new to SEO professionals that Microsoft and Yahoo have signed a deal to share search engine results, a deal that is considered by some to be monumental. It is a deal in which Microsoft’s own search engine bing, will gain second place in the search engine market share, but are we to see a fall from the top by Google?

Well probably not. Google itself came into the search engine business with no market share, and even once had its own deal with Yahoo. People liked the fledgling company better, and they grew to become the prime force in the search engine industry, and our primary focus in SEO. Continue reading