Google & Sony Partnership To Bring You Even More Chrome!

Google continue to grow and establish their online dominance with the announcement of a partnership with Sony which will see Google chrome installed on select Sony laptops over the coming months, putting Google further in direct competition with their leading rival Microsoft who’s Internet Explorer now comes pre installed as standard on many computers.

Both parties are currently refusing to comment on the deal, and it still remains unclear as to which of Sony’s computers will receive the installation and as to whether there may be some initial restrictions to the initial roll-out.

A Google spokesman recently divulged that the response to Google Chrome has been better than imagined so far and they are continuing to explore new ways to make Google Chrome accessible to even more people.

The deal between Sony and Google will represent a major challenge on Microsoft’s current computing dominance and Google has also announced plans to develop its own operating system which will prove even more of a threat for the current global leader.

Could this see Google completely take over the computing world?……… Only time will tell, so watch this space!

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