Google & Google UK – Where Would You Prefer to Rank?

Where would you rather be ranked in the top 10? or Let’s take a look at some of the reasons why your decision may be wrong…

One report I saw recently showed that in some niches it is important to be listed in Google UK better than in They have various sites, one of them listed at #1 in and #10 in Google UK. They get much more traffic from Google UK than – yet the AdWords Keyword Tool suggests that search volume is higher in the USA than in the UK.

Another report (based on a small scale of businesses) shows that websites that sell to a UK market generally get around 20-30% more referrals from than, even though they rank at #1 in both search engines.

According to some, a lot of this comes down to your TLD – (domain extension). A .uk domain name is likely to rank better in Google UK, a .fr domain is likely to rank better in Google France and so on.

Some say that it also comes down to the TLDs that link to your site. A site with plenty of .gr links pointing to it is likely to be a Greek website.

IP address also comes into play according to various webmasters. People have reported that they have seen ranking fall slightly in Google UK when moving from a UK-based IP to a US one. It wasn’t founded that their positions in increased.

In Google Webmaster Tools you can specify the location of your website which will be where your website’s exposure will be focused. The last time I checked this could only be done with non-geographic domain names (as a .fr domain already says you are running a website in French) to help target your website to a particular community.

So it seems that where you rank better can be manipulated somewhat. In the ideal world you’d want to rank better in the search engine that refers visitors that convert the best. But can you really determine where this is without painful trial and error? And does all of it it really matter? Some say it does – other’s don’t. What do you think? And where would you rather rank?

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